Mountaintop Art Students PA Jr. Duck Stamp Winners
Julia Poncavage and Kara Johnson
Taylor Herron and Aoiefe McTavish
Madison Dompkowski

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge recently released the names of this year’s state winners in their Conservation Through the Arts Program. There were 306 PA students entering this year’s art contest from all over the state.

1st place winners in various age categories are: Julia Poncavage for her pastel of a female Wood Duck in water; Kara Johnson for her pastel of a male Hooded Merganser swimming; Taylor Herron for her acrylic of a male Wood Duck resting on one foot; Aoiefe McTavish for her a pastel of a male Wood Duck swimming; Paige Collins for her pastel of a male Green-Winged Teal on water; and Madison Dompkowski for her pastel painting of a male Lesser Scaup resting with bill tucked.

2nd Place winners and a red ribbon: are Taylor Tomalinas, Lauren Sivak, Natalie Klimek, Abby Saunders, Sophia Rucco, Devyn Boiche, Lauren Patrick and Melanie Golden.

3rd Place Winners and a white ribbon are: Chris Nudo, Sarah Thomas, Connor Herron, Edward Patrick, McKayla Ward, Ryan Kostiuk, Lindsay Braunstein and Grace Saunders.

The students have been studying the fine arts in Mountaintop with

Paige Collins

Anita Herron and have won many awards and ribbons this year.