NEPA Geeks Provides Complete Technical Support For Your Computer
NEPA GEEKS owner Jason Percival has been in business for almost seven years. Jason’s business is located at 108 N. Mountain Blvd. in the Nationwide Insurance office building. NEPA Geeks provides complete diagnostic services, virus and spyware removal, tune ups in addition to hardware and software installation.

It is something most of us know –the frustration of having a computer crash in the middle of an important project or suddenly seeing the effects of a virus you didn’t even know your computer had. Well, fear not, because NEPA Computer Geeks is located right here on the mountain!

Located at 108 North Mountain Boulevard, NEPA Computer Geeks is owned by Jason Percival and will be celebrating its 7 year anniversary on July 8. Jason spent five years working in computer support and doing tech support for friends and family before starting his own business out of his home in 2007. Gradually, business grew to the current location in November of 2011 and now includes part time technician, Dale Culp.

Jason’s interest in computers first started when he was very young and his father brought home the family’s first computer. He and his dad proceeded to take the machine apart and then put it all back together.

“I was always curious how it worked,” relates Jason. “I was lucky we got it working as it was a $4,000 computer at that time.”

Jason explains the first place to start with any issue is to find out what the problem is. NEPA Geeks offers free diagnostics to find out what is wrong and then fix it in a timely manner. Jason notes that they mostly see issues with viruses, such as the “FBI Virus” that locks down a computer and makes the owner believe that they are being investigated for downloading illegal software. Of course, it also gives instructions how to wire money in order to get your computer “unlocked”.

Also popular are the services they offer to fix iPod, iPhone and iPad screen repairs, but NEPA Geeks repairs laptops as well. From custom builds to upgrades, web hosting to web sites, network and wireless setup and hardware issues, NEPA Geeks can do any kind of maintenance for both residential and business clients. They have onsite service of course, but will also do house calls in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/ Hazleton area. Sometimes they can even troubleshoot a problem over the phone.

“We really do it all,” says Jason. “We’re a technology company that does just about everything and it’s all about making the client happy.”

Jason’s number one advice to computer owners? Don’t click on pop ups or internet ads –especially ones that are too good to be true, and keep all Windows and software updates current as viruses exploit “holes” in the software.

NEPA Geeks also does computer recycling. They will make sure that your hard drive is wiped clean and backup your data. For Percival, this kind of all-around technology service is his life.

“I’ve always been passionate, always wanted to work for myself and now I’m able to be providing a living for myself and my family,” concludes Jason.

For more information on NEPA Geeks, you can visit their website at www.nepageeks.comor find them on Facebook or call 570-474-5100. They are open Monday through Saturday.