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Oil for a Land Use Plan for their commercial property on Blue Ridge Trail, was the subject of another vote, but not one that decided the fate of the plan. The matter related to highway permits required by PennDOT for approved access. As explained by township solicitor James Schneider, the two permits related to a driveway and also a storm water drainage pipe that flows under the state road.

“We have a proposed agreement from Button for a co-application for this proposed surface storm water drainage facility,” he advised, recommending that the board approve the co-application with a bond to insure the performance of the storm water pipe, and the board approved.

The supervisors also opened bids for an overlay on St. Mary’s Road. The project is under a Community Development grant. Six bids were received. At the top end, Franzosa Trucking submitted a plan for $87,932 for the project. Low bidderPennsy Supply, bid $66,591.20.

It was announced that the Dorrance Township Fire Department was scheduled to hold a motorcycle run on Saturday, June 15.