CLASSMATES Matthew Wascavage, Andrew Wisniewski, Tyler Womer, Matthew Yanchus, Nathan Yanchus, Christopher Yocimkus and Jackson Young listened to fellow classmates and school officials at the Crestwood High School Class of 2013 commnce held last Friday evening at the Wachovia Arena.
CRESTWOOD CLASS OFFICERS Brian Collins, president; Sydney Myers, vice-president; Rachael Ritz, secretary and Juliet Wotherspoon, treasurer; are shown the commencement exercise for the Class of 2013 last Friday.
HAPPY GRADUATES Ashley Hassinger, Kayla Grimes, Julianna Grandinetti and Elizabeth Gillen appear to have some mixed emotions at their graduation cermeony last week which was held at the Wachovia Arena. Over 250 students were members of the Crestwood Classs of 2013.
CLASS PRESIDENT Brian Collins gave the emarks at the comencement exercise last Friday evening
CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT Sydney Myers gave the welcome address at Crestwood’s graduation.

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feelings into words.

“One door has closed, and another is opening. Our lives are before us, our past behind us. This moment we have been waiting for is finally here.”

Brian Collins, President of the Class of 2013 talked about savoring the moment that was there before them and acknowledging all who had helped them along the way, calling this new sense of responsibility and excitement “bittersweet”.

“This day represents more than just graduation” said Collins “Salute your efforts along with the efforts of your loved ones…Appreciate everything you have in life, days like today you will remember forever… Follow your path, make a difference in the world, and remember where your roots are.”

There were several moving performances by graduating seniors; Alex Martino and JIllian Penny performed a cover of “Brave” by Idina Menzel, with words of encouragement and anticipation for the graduates, and Anna Kozelsky and Rachel Behm performed Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day”, a moving tribute to the bond between a parent and a child as they move through the trials and turmoil of growing up.

“I am proud to be a Crestwood Graduate.” Kozelsky said after the ceremony “The whole experience has been bittersweet…Rachel Behm and I were honored to perform at the graduation ceremony. Since we have known each other since we were little girls, those are the memories that brought us back…I would not have wanted to spend those years with any other classmates.”

Principal Chris Gregaris relayed his experience with the Class of 2013 during their “highs and lows of thirteen years of structured education” and offered his words of wisdom to the “two hundred fifty nine of you [who] have done all that they needed to do, blazing a trail in [their] own unique way.”

“…Success will be on your own terms” said Gregaris “Your decisions and subsequent challenges will be taken on individually, achieved by your inner strength and the footprint made by your personal desire. You have made a conscious decision to do it your way.”

“Maintain the traits that make you individually unique.” offered Gregaris “Chase your dreams with every fiber of your being. Along the way, realize every day that if it’s easy it’s probably not worth much. The hard way and the right way go hand in hand. Make your way the right way.”

After the conferring of diplomas and the presentation of the class, the new graduates turned their tassles on “the count of three: 2-0-1-3”

After the ceremony there were plenty of smiles, tears and congratulations to go around to the Class of 2013 as they now face a world with plenty of problems, plenty of cynics and plenty of opportunity and hope. Good luck!