Park Director Steven Waskie Planning Fun Activities For Wright Summer Program
WRIGHT SUMMER PARK PROGRAM DIRECTOR Steven Waskie has plenty of activities in store for children participating in the program this summer. Steven is hoping to add some new games and activities that include sand art, painting sun catchers, tye dying t-shirts and even making ice cream!

Steven Waskie is the new Park Director for the Wright Township Summer program and has a lot in store for the children who will be attending the camp this summer.

Waskie, a 2012 graduate of Crestwood Hight School and Sophomore astrophysics major at Lehigh University, spent the last two summers as an aide. Originally approaching the program as your average summer job opportunity, Waskie found that he really enjoyed the experience and working with the kids. His goal quickly became running the program, so when he heard the Director’s position would be open this summer, he applied and was given the position.

The summer program is a 6-week program that runs the third week in June to last week in July Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm and typically rosters between twenty and thirty campers.

The program typically includes various sporting activities and crafts for children ages 6-12 years. The groups are not split by age, but rather mostly by activity choices and there are usually five to six campers for each counselor. There are special lunches on Fridays and once a week the children are treated to Mountain Freeze.

Waskie says he intends to keep the basic structure of the program the same, but is hoping to add new games and activites such as sand art, painting sun catchers, tye dying t-shirts or even making ice cream.

“The kids have enjoyed past activities, so I really just want to bring new life to some of those past activities and introduce some new ones,” remarks Steven.

Waskie says he’s always enjoyed being around kids as a piano teacher for several years while he was still in high school and has always had a general interest in serving the community. Program Director is that first step in the leadership position he’s always wanted.

“I’ve always had an interest in our community and helping kids,” adds Steven.

Steven points out the program will make full use of the park’s resources, such as the basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, the baseball field and the new street hockey rink. As an extra bonus, the playground fountain will also be operational. The program always closes out the season with a culminating activity such as an on site barbeque and talent show at the end of the day where prizes donated from local businesses are awarded.

The program is sponsored by the Wright Township Recreation Board and there is a graduated fee for families with multiple children attending, as well as a discount for Wright Township residents. Registration dates are Friday June 7, from 6-8pm and June 15 from 3-5pm, both under the pavilion by the basketball court.

Anyone looking for more

information can call the Wright Township Municipal Office at 474-9067.