Nuangola Sewer Authority President Urges To ‘Crank It Up’

With less than three months to go, President Ray Shirk calls for his colleagues on the Nuangola Sewer Authority to “crank it up!”

Shirk’s comments at the May 28th meeting came after a report from Quad 3 project manager Dan Loughran. The engineer affirmed that as of August 15th, homes in Nuangola will be on-line with the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority. An exception covers the North End Road section of the borough which is scheduled for connection on September 15th, it has been stated.

Stressing that the connection date is significant, Shirk explained that it triggers deadlines that residents will be held to relating to connecting their home system and retiring it properly. Residents will have 90 days to make their own plumbing and electrical connections to the grinder pump installed by the authority’s contractor.

Loughran reported that the new plumbing from the home will have to meet the grinder pumps at a depth of 3 feet in order to avoid the threat of freezing.

“By the next meeting we hope to have a schedule laid out. We have a lot to accomplish in a short time. We have to crank it up,” Shirk warned.

In addition to making the connection to the pump, property owners are also responsible to pump out the septic tank and fill or remove it. To this end, authority-member Gerard Maskinas has been collecting information from the Department of Environmental Protection and from Quad3 on recommended procedures to retire on-lot systems. “This is Number 1 on my list of critical items for Aug 15th deadline,” Shirk advised.

Maskinas said that his draft covers every type of on-lot system and offers guidance on the switch over in connecting to the sewer system.

In other matters, it was reported that there are still eight properties without confirmed easements for the lines and pump to be installed. Shirk noted that there has been no progress in acquiring the owners’ cooperation.

A pre-pay plan for incremental payment of $2,025 in hook-up fees has 132 participants making monthly payments in advance of the final connection.