Dorrance Planners Approve Final Land Development Plan For Quarry

The Dorrance Township Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the Small Mountain Quarry Land Use Plan at the May 20th meeting.

This expansion of the Pennsy Supply-owned quarry has been the subject of township attention for many months, starting with the company’s application for a Conditional Use hearing before the supervisors. That process, required under township zoning laws, lead to eight hearings culminating in a Conditional approval on January 10, 2013.

One of the 22 conditions imposed

with the Conditional Use approval was for the company to submit a three-phase Land Use Plan, that plan has now received the planning commissions support and will be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for its consideration.

Covering some 249 acres, the project area will be mined in increments roughly from northwest to the southeast. The plan contains a list of 23 specific notes including a requirement that the supervisors’ Conditional Use conditions be recorded along with the land development plan maps and associated documents.

Some conditions relate to operational efforts, also regulations regarding the maintenance of access roads will be assumed by the quarry. This roadway maintenance agreement allows for township inspection of Small Mountain Road. In operational regulations, the comments include the demand that all crushing equipment be contained in noise-deadening structures.

Other requirements include protections to wetlands and a storm water operation and maintenance agreement, and the township’s Development Agreement. The municipality also requires bonding to complete the plan’s improvements. With the bonds in place, the township may go to the bonding company to ensure that all improvements are complete.

The project will be in the township’s hands as of the next municipal meeting which was scheduled for June 3rd.