Fractious Nuangola Boro Council Approves New Rice Police Contract

In one of the few united acts at the borough’s May 14 meeting, council-members voted unanimously to approve a new three-year contract for Rice Township Police services. Secretary/Treasurer, Sabine Thomas reported that the proposed contact was received from Chief Robert Franks and distributed for council review.

Council President John Kochan commended the Rice Police Department for providing quality services while keeping contract costs affordable. “Our contract is up at the end of this year. The new contract will be good through 2016.”

Saying that the contract costs project a small increase over the last three year contract, Kochan added, “They’ve done a good job.”

At Solicitor Jack Dean’s suggestion, the vote to accept the contract was approved subject to his review.

The contract starts at $2,473 per month, up from the current $2,356, an increase of about $117 over the 2013 monthly rate. The contract shows a flat rate over the three-year period.

In road business, councilman and roadmaster Joseph Tucker reported that plans are still pending for a work crew from the prison. Tucker said that the plan is to have them do extensive pothole patching. He noted that there are still catch basins needing attention.

Kochan said that Borough Engineer Rich Kresge of Quad 3 advised that he would like to take a complete tour of the borough. Kochan added that one of the goals of the tour will be to evaluate areas with water problems.

Council’s final peaceful agreement was reached on a request for a donation to the Wright Township fireworks. It was decided to contribute $100.

The rancorous relations marking many recent meetings occurred when councilor Ted Vancosky asked for documentation supporting the appointment of Michael Johnson to a vacancy on council created when Elaine Donahue resigned. Johnson was appointed by the court.

“Shouldn’t the documentation be here in the borough?” he asked

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