Nuangola Sewer Plans Proceeding To Connection
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The Nuangola Sewer Authority announced that the projected connection dates of August 15th for the majority of the borough and September 15th for the final areas, are still accurate.

At the May 13 meeting, President Ray Shirk advised that the engineers have directed the construction company to ‘catch up’ with the three phases in the borough –first the main sewer lines; then the laterals, which are being installed by directional drills, and finally the installation of the grinder pumps.

Quad3 project manager Dan Loughran reported that the Wexcon contract, covering the borough portion of the plan, has reached a billing point of approximately 25% at $1.5 million of the $4.4 million. He commented, “We are still at only about ¼ of the project.”

Contract 2, the Doli Construction contract covers the phase of the project outside of the borough –from the border through Rice Township, Dorrance and on to the nearest MAJSA main sewer line.

“Of the $1.1 million contract,” the engineer reported, “We’ve been billed $.8 million, so that is about 70% completed. They have pulled out for the time being. They will be back in the early part of June to complete the corner of Blytheburn and Stairville Roads and the work at the Rice Elementary as soon as school is over.”

On the third contract, with

Environmental 1 for grinder pumps, Loughran said, “We have approximately 296 pumps delivered, we have installed approximately 245 pumps. We are officially past the half-way point of pump installation.”

The engineer reported that the Wexcon part of the project is now focused on bringing the three parts together as reviewed above. Loughran stated that Wexcon has been asked to expedite the restoration part of the contract so that properties are renovated as soon as possible. He added that a valve will be installed to permit the bulk of the homes to be placed in service while construction continues on the borough’s Fawn Lane and North End Road. These represent the final sections of the in-borough project, he said.

“We will be sending a letter on August 15th, saying that residents should start to connect from their homes to the grinder pump. From the date of that letter, they will be given 90 days to make the connection and to come on line.” Loughran explained.

In other business, pre-pay applications for the residents’ $2,025 ‘tap-in fee’ are continuing to file in. According to Shirk’s agenda, applicants may still signup for the incremental payment until May 31, 2013. A payment book will be issued for the hook-up costs.

Legal matters were reviewed by Solicitor Bob Gonos. First was an agreement with resident Atty. Eric Mahler for a construction easement to four properties not accessible under the existing design plans. Loughran explained that the homes along Vandermark Ave. could not be reached by heavy equipment due to the narrow properties and the terrain. Gonos proposed an agreement for access that would allow the construction equipment to cross the Mahler property line. Advising that the agreement was negotiated by the engineer, he cautioned that the easement is only for the dates of May 13th to June 7, so work must be completed quickly.

Discussion also focused on a draft plan for the residents’ post–connection responsibilities. Authority member Gerard Maskinas has been working on the document which started as an advisory from Quad 3 principal Rich Kresge. Maskinas said that Kresge, “gave us a rough draft for abandoning an old septic system and connecting to a new sewer. I expanded it to sand mounds…It covers all of the options demolishing old systems keeping tanks for use for irrigation, removing sand mounds.”

Gonos cautioned that the retirement of existing systems is the job the borough council, not the authority and he strongly urged that the documents be submitted to council and the borough engineer, Quad 3.