St. Jude School Students Earn FitnessAwards

After completing the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, several St. Jude School students were notified that they would receive certificates from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition “for their commitment to and achievement in physical fitness for improved health and performance”. Students were tested on curl ups, V-sit reach, pull-ups, push-ups, flexed arm hang, shuttle run, and standing broad jump. For the National Level, students had to score at or above the 50th percentile demonstrating a challenging level of fitness. For the Presidential Level, students had to score above the 85th percentile demonstrating an outstanding level of fitness.

Middle school students who were awarded either Presidential or National certificates are –Sixth grade –Devyn Boich, Dominic Capaci, Josh Gronka, Anna Hagenbuch, Matthew Hayden, Ethan Hoda, Taylor Josefowicz, Dean Limongelli, Adam Mahler, Thomas Shafer, Valerie Soto, Madison Stoltz, George Strish, Emily Thomas, Katie Wills, and Bryce Zapusek. Seventh grade –Yosi Bere, Gabrielle Frask, Chris Gibbons, Chris Kocon, Ben Koshinski, Lizzy Kolojejchick, Molly McAndrew, Morghan Murphy, Brianna Phillips, Makenzie Savner, Maria Strish, and Sean Wills. Eighth grade –Adam Abad, Zachary Erwine, Connor Evans, Julia Foust, Stephen Glova, Aaron Hoda, Emily Hons, Rachel Jones, Autumn Kaminski, Chris Koshinski, and Josh Zapusek.