Heslop Road Resurfacing On Rice Meeting Agenda

Heslop Rd has been marked by the Rice Township Engineer Quad 3 and will be advertised for bids for resurfacing over the summer, as announced and discussed at the Rice Township Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday May 15.

Supervisor Marcia Thomas asked Roadmaster Miller Stella what the specific details were. Stella responded, “I don’t have my data with me.” Thomas said she had conferred with the engineer and the project will be approximately one mile of Heslop Road, which will be milled and then an approximate 1 1/2 inch super pave overlay would be put on the road. This does not include any base repairs, which would be a very expensive proposition. Finances are there to do the coverage,” said Thomas.

Felicia Bierzynski asked the board “Why was polling place switched?”

Stella said he had nothing to do with it. Thomas replied that Voter Services received anonymous complaints claiming there was mold in the fire hall. Stella confirmed that their inspection revealed mold. “They felt that it was unfit, ” said Stella.

George Venesky asked Bierzynski, “What’s the problem?” Why do you always have to bring up a problem?” said Bierzynski in reply to Venesky. “Just relax OK?”

Thomas said it was anonymous complaints, written and phoned in that preceded Voter Services to change the polling location.

Karl Kaminski asked about the burning days. Stella replied that burning was from 10 to 5 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He would try to tell the media to put something in the paper.

Kaminski also asked about a drainage problem from Wilderness Drive, which is a township road. Stella said that the engineer advised him not do any repairs on Wilderness Drive because of the electrical lines. Kaminski said there was 5 feet

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