Three Crestwood Seniors Arrested On Drug Charges

Charges were filed against Crestwood students in association with an alleged plan to sell prescription drugs. The trio were arrested and arraigned on May 22, 2013.

Two of the students, 20 year-old Desiree Newton of White Haven and 19 year-old Derek Hudzik of Wapwallopen were arrested on the Crestwood campus and were immediately brought in for arraignment before District  Magisterial Justice Ronald W. Swank.

Annaliesa Daubenhauser, formerly of White Haven, was brought from Lackawanna County for arraignment before Judge Swank.

Court papers show that Daubenhauser had accumulated 344 pills of prescription Ritalin, known to be a treatment for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The events leading up to the incident at the Crestwood High School were reported to have begun on the evening of Thursday, May 9, when Daubenhauser and defendant Newton allegedly contacted Hudzik to “sell the pills.”

When Hudzik said he could not drive to White Haven that evening, it was agreed that Daubenhauser would take the pills to school the following day, May 10th.

Once at the Crestwood High School the next day, arrest records show that all three discussed plans to transfer the bag of pills.

Court documents confirm that the plan was to split the drug profits between Daubenhauser  and Hudzik, while Netwon would receive “Spice,” purported to be a synthetic form of marijuana.

Arresting Officer David Winsock, on duty at Crestwood High School as the School Resource Officer on May 10th, confirmed that an alert teacher intercepted a note leading to the discovery of the pills.

Patrolman Winsock said that the investigation, “with 100 percent cooperation with the Crestwood staff and administration,” lead to the discovery of the pills, and the filing of charges.

Upon the arrest, Derek Charles Hudzik is charged with one count of felony criminal conspiracy; and a count of criminal use of a communication facility.

Desiree Newton is charged with one count of Conspiracy with multiple crime objectives and criminal conspiracy.

And Annaliesa Daubenhauser is charged with four counts. In addition

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