School Taxes Increase 1% For 2013-14 Session
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Crestwood school directors, lead by President Eric Aigeldinger, approved a proposed Final Budget at their May 16 meeting.

As presented by financial consultant Courtney Lomax of the Albert Melone Company, the detailed plan calls for an increase from the current millage rate of 9.1516 to 9.2516 for next term.

She reported that the increase, applied to the district’s average assessed home value of $172,000, will realize a tax hike of $15.76 on this year’s rate of $1,575.52.

The $34.1 million budget projects revenues of $33.3 million plus a carry-over fund balance anticipated for June 30, 2013 of $3.8 million.

Lomax advised that, with the declaration in January that the board would budget within the state-regulated index rate of 2.2%, the board may eliminate the step of presenting a preliminary budget and move directly to a proposed Final Budget. The budget will be up for adoption at the board’s June 20th meeting. She concluded that the fine tuning of the document will continue up to the vote, “We still have a month to work on this.”

Board member Gene Mancini said one positive impact may result from a tentative agreement with support staff reached at midnight the day before the meeting, “All I can say at this point is that those numbers will be calculated in time for next month’s meeting.”

Aigeldinger said that future business matters include a plan to apply new playing surfaces to the Wright Township Park tennis courts. He explained that cooperative efforts with local organizations, such as improving the tennis courts at a cost of $15,000, allows the district to cut project costs by utilizing available facilities rather than building new. Vice President Martin Behm agreed to coordinate with the Wright Township Supervisors on seeking quotes on the project.

Also, the board is preparing an expansion and redesign of parking spaces at the Rice Elementary School. This improvement is made possible through the retirement of the sanitary treatment plant and connection to a new sewer line. Aigeldinger noted that this project will be advanced after the sewer project is complete.

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