Rice Resident Quizzes Board On Ice Ponds Restoration Grant

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors entertained extensive discussion about a controversial grant for “Upper Ice Pond Restoration” at their May 14 meeting.

Felicia Bierzynski, a resident of Blytheburn Lake, asked the board, “Could you tell me what the progress is on the Ice Lakes PALMS (Pennsylvania Lake Management Society) grant?”

The board had a motion on the agenda to authorize Quad 3 to prepare an amendment to the PALMS grant proposal approved in July 2012 and to remove proposed planting and temporary fencing at the public areas, leaving only drainage swale repair and sediment removal near the Bortz Property on Ice Harvest Drive and inclusion of Quad 3’s fees for the project design and permitting, which are estimated not to exceed $7,500. The motion to amend the original PALMS grant application was approved later in the meeting.

“As you know what has been going on. I need to talk this over to our solicitor at this time. On this grant thing,” began Chairman Miller Stella. “I talked to the President of PALMS to find out what their position was, and to see if we could correct the problems that have occurred. They are receptive to receiving an amended plan from us, which eliminated the plantings, and the fencing, although the specs weren’t clear at all. In terms of the specifications they should have been prepared by the township engineer and there’s a motion to have them do the amendment and to prepare the necessary papers.

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