Rice Fire Chief Pleads For Allocation of Funds

For the third month in a row Paul Eyreman, Fire Chief of the Rice Volunteer Township Fire Department, came before the Rice Township Board of Supervisors to plead for the release of allocated funds to pay bills. “We are looking for our first quarter payment which we haven’t received. We are looking for our second quarter payment. What’s the $1725 for, Don (Armstrong, Rice Township Secretary-Treasurer), on page 6?” asked Eyreman.

The $1725 was for payment of an invoice submitted by Solicitor Bill Higgs for “Fire Department Issues” as listed on the agenda.

“Well then where are our payments for the first and second quarters?” pressed Eyreman.

Supervisor George Venesky

interjected, “You were here with the conference call with Robert Brady from the state, the number one man for fire departments. With the certification on merging Mr. Brady said do not give the checks to the fire department. Let the fire department give the bills to the township. Upon review and if approved, pay the bills from that quarter’s allotment.”

Eyereman said he has submitted the fire company’s bills on an Excel spreadsheet to the township. “Are you saying that you are going to pay the fire department’s bills?”

“We have to know whether we guaranteed that loan on that vehicle because that becomes important whether to pay that loan and how to do it,” returned Higgs. At issue is a Rice Township fire department vehicle that has an outstanding balance on it.

“You want me to bring bills for Button Oil, for repairs and for diesel for the engines and to submit them to Don?” asked Eyreman.

“That’s what Mr. Brady said. You can put a motion on the floor to do that if you need it,” said Higgs.

Eyreman was told to submit the 10 or 12 bills and return them for payment for repairs and diesel fuel to the township.

Higgs then countered and said that Brady’s advice referred to the outstanding bill on the vehicle asset and not the day-to-day bills. “It’s confusing the issue. What we are looking to review is what assets we

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