Rice Board Seeks To Decertify Twp. Fire Co.

The Rice Township Supervisors met with members of the Rice Volunteer Fire Company twice last week with an end to decertifying the fire company and liquidating equipment and property, according to Rice Volunteer Charles Gardzilli.

George Venesky, Miller Stella and Marcia Thomas attended meetings on Monday May 6 and again on Wednesday May 8 in the municipal building. The Rice Volunteer Fire Company has been struggling for more than a year to maintain a roster of volunteers to respond to fires.

The current Rice chief is Paul Eyreman, a Wright Township resident who also owns property in Rice. Eyreman has been working toward establishing a working roster of volunteers and announced in April at the Rice supervisor’s meeting that the Rice Volunteer Fire Company was working toward a merger with the Wright and Dorrance Township companies.

Rob Brady, Local Policy Specialist  of the Pennsylvania Department of Community Development (DCED), has been advising Eyreman on a merger.

The Wednesday May 8 meeting was held with Brady on speakerphone. The Eagle called and emailed Brady at DCED, but was unable to speak to him as he was out of his office until May 14.

Brady works through the Center for Local Government Services to provide assistance to foster improved relations between municipal officials and the fire and emergency services community, management and leadership resources, and technical assistance for new Cooperative Partnerships including merging, consolidating and regionalizing

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