Charges Against Mountaintop Physician Gonsky Waived To County Court Of Common Pleas

Dr. Mark Anthony Gonsky, 60, of Mountaintop appeared in court twice last week on two separate charges, ending the week in the Luzerne County Correctional Institute.

A Preliminary Hearing set before District Magisterial Justice Ronald W. Swank, postponed from March 6 to May 1, related to an incident that occurred in the afternoon of February 24th.

Fairview Township Patrolman Dennis Monk responded to calls from two area businesses reporting that Gonsky appeared inebriated and was disturbing other patrons.

Gonsky was transported to his home in Fairview Township with a warning that if any further complaints were received, he would be arrested. Gonsky berated Ptlm. Monk and Wright Township Sergeant Scott Rozitski with threats against them. Gonsky was cautioned to remain indoors and not disturb anyone else.

Shortly thereafter, Officer Monk responded to Gonsky’s home accompanied by Sgt. Phil Holbrook, Chief Joseph Intellicato, Sgt. Rozitski of Wright Township, and Ptlm. Brian Stout of Rice Township, after neighbors reported that Gonsky had fired several shots into his front yard. Upon taking Gonsky into custody, additional threats were made against the officer.

Gonsky was charged with Terroristic Threats, Recklessly Endangering and Disorderly Conduct. The defendant was held until February 27th when he was able to post bail in the amount of $5,000.

The Preliminary Hearing was continued to Wednesday, May 1st at the request of the defendant.

On Monday, April 29th Wright Township Police arrested Dr. Gonsky for Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and other charges relating to the operation of an all terrain vehicle in the parking lot of the Crestwood Plaza.

Gonsky was observed loading groceries onto an ATV and driving said vehicle out to Route 309. He was stopped by Officer David Winsock . Gonsky exhibited signs of intoxication and a breathalyzer test was administered. Officer Windsock also verified that the ATV was not licensed or insured. Gonsky was arrested and transported for blood alcohol level testing.

At the May 1st hearing on the February incident, Gonsky’s attorney Anthony J. Moses, of Kingston, agreed to waive all charges to Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.

Assistant District Attorney Jenny Roberts petitioned Judge Swank to revoke bail owing to the new charges against Gonsky. She argued that these counts also reflect an abuse of alcohol “and possibly other controlled substances.” Based on breathalyzer results of a .228 blood alcohol reading, she urged Judge Swank for a “bail revocation.”

Atty. Moses appealed to the judge to retain bail in the amount of $5,000, citing Dr. Gonsky’s standing in the community, “He has an office in his home and has been practicing medicine in Mountaintop for 40 years.”

ADA Roberts countered that the new charges warrant a revision of the bail conditions, “These new charges show that he has violated his bail.” Pending the outcome of the final blood alcohol levels she asked that an alcohol monitoring device be attached to the defendant’s leg. “If any alcohol is consumed an alarm with go off and we will immediately petition to have bail revoked.”

Judge Swank noted that he is not as concerned about Gonsky failing to appear to face the charges as he is with the availability of assistance for Gonsky to regain “good health,” noting that there are facilities that could offer Gonsky more help that he would receive if incarcerated.

“Further violations will send him back to prison,” Swank warned.

The judge’s warning was realized the following morning, early on Thursday, May 2, when the Blood Alcohol test returned a reading of 0.189%. Gonsky was arraigned before District Judge Joseph A. Halesey, on counts of DUI; DUI, Exceeding Highest Rate of Alcohol, and three summary offenses relating to the improper operation of the ATV. Judge Halesey ordered bail be set at $20,000. Gonsky was unable to post the bond and was remanded to be confined at the Luzerne County Prison. A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8th at 10 a. m. before Judge Swank.