Pete Strecker Candidate For Crestwood School Board

Peter Strecker is asking for your vote for Crestwood School Board.

Strecker and his wife, Tara, have two school age children who are students at Crestwood. Strecker pledges to commit to the taxpayers of Mountain Top that no one in his family has any personal or financial relationship with the district. He stresses that he is not beholden to anyone and will ALWAYS vote for what he believe is in the best interests of the children and taxpayers in our district. Strecker states he will use his years of business experience developing, launching and managing multi-million dollar markets to maintain the efficiency while improving the quality of education for the children of Mountain Top.

“As a board member, my first order of business will be to present objective data from top tier college admissions counselors regarding what they look for related to AP courses and immediately request

those recommendations as a minimum standard at Crestwood,” says Strecker. “My focus on the school board will be to facilitate the transparent introduction of concepts and programs which improve educational quality while maintaining or decreasing costs. I will support programs to formally introduce and investigate ideas submitted by the parents and taxpayers of the district. I will tirelessly work to ensure that the board is focused on the strategic management and long term planning to improve the district.”

He continues to state he will have a proactively focus on lobbying lawmakers to reward and incentivize efficient districts like Crestwood and to minimize the funneling our state tax dollars to bailout bankrupt districts in other areas of the state. He states the current board’s reactive strategy of keeping a short list of programs to cut every time Harrisburg wants to balance its budget on the backs of our children obviously isn’t viable for the long-term success of this district and our children.

“After the men and women who work and volunteer at Crestwood every day to make it a better place for our children to learn and succeed in life, the tax base of the Crestwood School district is key to our continued success and academic improvement. I will commit to publicly advertising the Crestwood School District as a low tax, high quality district. As many struggle with higher taxes and decreasing property values, I believe that creating a greater public awareness of the things that Crestwood does well will increase property values and attract business to the area which will increase the tax base without increasing the tax rate,” says the candidate.

Strecker concludes, “I will also propose the development of an extracurricular grant writing program for students to provide additional revenue for the district while bolstering the student’s college application and/or resume. Thank you for your support and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the taxpayers and children of Crestwood.