Cindy Fedor Back Home at The Mountaintop Post Office

The Mountaintop Post Office’s new Lead Retail Clerk is “coming home” in her new job. Cindy Fedor began work at her new position late last month after working 12 years at the Wilkes Barre South Main Street office and for the past three years in Plains.

“I have been with the Postal Service for 32 years. The jobs are awarded by seniority and I am very happy to be here in Mountaintop,” begins Cindy. It is a shorter commute for me as I live on Main Street in Hobbie.”

Cindy was born and raised in Mountaintop and lived with her family on North Main Street near the Fairview Memorial Park. “I graduated from Crestwood High School in 1977 and my first job was at the Mountaintop Sewer Authority for four years. I joined the Postal Service in 1981.”

Cindy and her husband Ed are the parents of twin sons, John and Joe 19, students at LCCC. She has two stepdaughters who live in the Baltimore area. “We have two grandchildren,” added Cindy.

“I have been enjoying the shorter commute, seeing old friends and neighbors and family. I worked as a fill in in the late 80’s so I remember many of the box holders names. I have been rearranging the back office and putting my own touches,” she relates.