Nuangola Lack of Quorum Requires Revisions of Fees

Nuangola Council, lead by Vice

President Joseph Tucker in the absence

of President John Kochan, met in a

brief special meeting on Monday,

April 22nd to revise an ordinance

regulating the borough’s contracted

refuse collection.

Owing to the lack of a council quorum,

Tucker explained, the board neglected

to send out refuse bills consistence

with the due dates embedded in the

existing law. As a result, a revised

ordinance sets up delayed datelines for

payment of essentially the discounted

rate, face and penalty rates.

With the refuse bills arriving in

borough mailboxes, the amended

ordinance read and adopted at the

meeting, calls for an initial payment

of $155, permitted from May 1

to July 31st; a rate of $165 will be

assessed from August 1 to October

31st. “Payments made after October

31, 2013 shall be in the amount of

$206.25,” Solicitor David Lantz read.

Resident and veteran former secretary-

treasurer Carolyn Lauer advised that

her refuse bill doesn’t match the dates

on the ordinance.

Atty. Lantz agreed that there are errors

on the refuse bills and corrections will

be sent out to curb any confusion.