Settlement Of Sewer Plan Suit Nears in Nuangola

In this second meeting of the month, Nuangola Sewer Authority members learned that  Solicitor Bob Gonos is negotiating the end to legal issues dating back to the sewer plan’s inception.

During the April 22nd  meeting which was chaired by Ray Shirk, Gonos advised, “I been asked by Nuangola Borough Council to negotiate Milnes Engineering debt with Milnes, concerning the bill Milnes submitted to borough council. Borough council gave me that authority, and I met with Jamie Mangan –the solicitor for Milnes Engineering.

“The negotiation was just going to be myself and Jamie dealing with the alleged amount the Milnes billed the borough council. And based upon that negotiation we were then to go to borough council and his client and basically entertain an amount that both parties could hopefully settle the matter for.”

Gonos noted that a non-binding arbitration had been held in the past to the favor of the borough, however, Milnes had opted to pursue legal redress. As to his role, Gonos assured, he was acting strictly as a representative of the sewer authority because the funds for a potential settlement are being held by the authority.

He concluded that the amount will not be disclosed, as it is in an “executory phase…But borough council has received the results of my negotiation, as has their solicitor.” In other business, Shirk said that at a construction conference held on Friday, April 19th, the authority and its engineer Quad3 told contractor Wexcom that the stages of the project must be concluded in sequential steps.

Wexcon is installing the mains, laterals and grinder pumps in the borough and has received some

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