Luzerne County 2013 Dog Licenses Now Available Online

County Manager Robert Lawton is pleased to announce that residents of Luzerne County may now obtain their dog licenses on-line at www.padoglicense.comusing a credit card or eChecksNow Electronic-Checks. It is easy, fast and secure. There is a $2.00 fee per license to use PADogLicense.comsystem. To make on-line purchase of dog license, dog owners may visit www.padoglicense.comwebsite and follow the instructions provided on the main page.

Once the on-line application and payment have been finalized, residents will be able to print their licenses on the spot and their dog is instantly legal. The Luzerne County Treasurer’s Office will receive automatic notification and will mail the tags to owners generally within one to two business days.

Manager Lawton initiated this service as a convenience to residents and to protect the county’s dog population. The Luzerne County 911 emergency system as well as the dog warden will have 24/7 on-line access to PADogLicense.comto facilitate the speedy and safe reunion of lost dogs after business hours and during weekends. PADogLicense.comsystem also offers www.palostdogs.comfree to county residents. Owners of lost pets may upload a digital picture and information about the lost pet at no cost. Once the pet is found, the owner will receive contact information to retrieve their lost pet. PADogLicense.Comhas reunited more than 1,426 pets statewide.

Dog Wardens are currently canvassing neighborhoods in Luzerne County. Manager Lawton encourages residents to purchase dog licenses to protect their dog(s). An annual dog license for all dogs 3 months or older is required by Pennsylvania State Law by January 1st of each year regardless of when the license was purchased the previous year. The Department of Dog Law Enforcement may charge fines up to $500.00 plus court costs, per dog, for each violation of this law.