Mountaintop Baseball, Softball Opening Ceremonies April 27
LET’S PLAY BALL! Opening Ceremonies for the Mountaintop Baseball and Softball Association will take place on Saturday, April 27. The Mets AAA Minors got in some practice over the weekend to prepare for the big day. Catcher Joie Gzemski is shown catching for batter Grant Rose.

The Mountaintop Baseball and Softball Association, comprising the vast majority of the boys’ and girls’ hardball and softball programs, respectively, in the Mountaintop Area will be having its opening ceremonies on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at noon at the new field complex located off of Alberdeen Road in Wright Township.

These opening day ceremonies will be preceded by a parade that will originate from the Mountaintop Area Joint Sewer Authority parking lot off Morio Drive in Washington Park. The parade route will go over Washington Park Drive to Alberdeen Road and onto the new field complex, a distance of approximately 1 mile. Morio Drive will be one way into Washington Park from 10: 30 a-m. to 12:30 p. m. on that day. Washington Park Drive will be one way out onto Alberdeen Road.

Approximately 600 competitors from the Mountaintop Baseball and Softball Association, including girls’ minor and major league softball teams, boys’ minor and major league baseball teams, as well as T-Ball players and parents will participate.

The parade will include various units from the Mountaintop Volunteer Fire Companies, Ambulance and Police Departments.

All members of the various teams of the Mountaintop Baseball and Softball Association and their coaches will be required by their manager to arrive at the staging area, MAJSA, no earlier than 11:00 a. m. The parade will start promptly at 11:30 a. m. Parents are asked to drop their children off on Morio Drive in front of the entrance to the Sewer Authority and pick them up after the opening ceremonies are concluded at the new field complex located off of Alberdeen Road, approximately one mile from Alberts Corners. T-ball participants are also allowed to march in the parade, provided a parent or guardian marches with them.

There will be plenty of parking at designated areas at the new field complex. Parents are asked not to park on the access road because there is very limited space. All fire engines, ambulances and vehicles participating in me parade arc asked to go the Morio Drive by the Sewer Authority entrance no later than 10:45a.m.

Again, no parking by parents or coaches will be allowed on Morio Drive.

Immediately after the parade, opening ceremonies will be conducted at the new field complex at 12:00 p. m. with all competitors marching in the parade receiving free hot dogs and soft drinks at its conclusion. Later that day, teams will begin the season with a slate of hardball and softball games.

Everyone in Mountaintop is urged to watch these competitors in action during the next several months. Follow our teams in Mountaintop and continue to follow them as they progress in the post season