Rice Township To Set Public Informational Meeting On Ice Lakes Restoration Project

Rice Township Board Chairman Miller Stella announced that an open public informational meeting at a convenient time for all parties would be held with Joe Gallagher of Ecological Solutions about the “Upper Ice Lakes Restoration” project before the township proceeds at their public meeting April 9. The board has been entertaining the project out of the eye of the public since the summer of 2012, when a grant application facilitated by Gallagher was made through the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) to finance in part the “restoration”.

The proposed project would remove 1500 square yards of sediment from the southern end of the lake. Two buffer zones would be built with plants and four foot high fences to restrict public access in the area where the sediment was removed and near the public parking of the Ice Lakes Park on Nuangola Road. Two bids were opened for the project at the board’s monthly meeting Tuesday April 9, but were invalid because of failure to properly advertise the project. The bid specs were drawn up by Ecological Solutions, Inc. a company that has been previously hired by the township to look into plant management and fish stocking of the Ice Lakes.

Heslop Road Paving

Roadmaster Stella stated at the public meeting, “Heslop Road will be paved. I had our engineer up there the other day. We walked the road and he will be getting back to the board with necessary recommendations for paving. So I want everybody to know that that road should be taken care of all right. ” The board passed a motion to direct the township engineer (Quad 3) to review the current state of Heslop Road and provide options to the Board for repaving. Options are to be provided by April 30, 2013. Stella said the bidding project could take a couple of months and they were already behind.

Police & Fire Reports

Rice Police Chief Bob Franks listed 356 incidents, 130 complaints,

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