Nuangola Leaders Clash On Sewer Project
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While Nuangola Borough Council members were back to full strength at their April 9th municipal meeting, interjections from Sewer Authority members in attendance appeared to signal conflicts with council opinions on the project.

Council President John Kochan reported that, having seen the installation of a grinder pump on his own property, the process leaves much to be desired for residents. “This is going to be a problem,” he stated bluntly.

Kochan explained that he witnessed the installation sequence, specifically the placement of a grinder pump leaving connections buried five feet below ground level to be connected at a later date with cost to be borne by property owners. Kochan said that the pumps will have to be dug out three times: once for initial install; once for the lateral lines to connect the pump to the sewer main and then later –at the home-owners’ expense –to complete the tie in to the home plumbing.

“It doesn’t make sense, digging three separate times.” Kochan added that the density of rock in the borough is likely to compound the difficulty for residents trying to keep connection costs down. He asked rhetorically if the pump excavations are only three feet wide, how’s a person going to get in there to make that hook up? He indicated that the construction process should have been in logical steps to keep costs down: first the mains, then laterals, then pumps.

Sewer Authority President Ray Shirk deflected the criticism by noting that the authority and engineers Quad 3 have explained that the laterals could not be installed over the winter months because low temperatures caused damage to the drilling equipment. This resulted in the middle step being skipped until spring.

Shirk reminded that an inspector from engineer Quad 3 is onsite every day to oversee the project. He said that Dan Loughran from Quad 3 is assisting residents during the construction.

Roadmaster Joseph Tucker added that the construction has taken a toll on roads as well, and pothole patching will soon be started. He asked residents to call the office to report problem areas, noting that all of the road cuts have settled and will need to be refilled.

Councilor Ron Kaiser reported that the Recycling Center is back to a summer schedule, he said that the center is open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month for the summer.

Council made the following appointments: Charles Gunton was retained on the zoning hearing board; Lelia Tucker was likewise retained as an alternate on the board with her husband, Joseph, abstaining. John DiRico was appointed to the planning commission; John’s wife, Sally, serves as secretary of the sewer authority.