ST. JUDE’S FLAT STANLEYS ENJOY ADVENTURES-What started out as a language arts lesson on how to write a friendly letter, turned out to be an exciting adventure for the second grade students at St. Jude School and their own Flat Stanley creations. The activity was based on the popular children’s book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, which chronicles the experiences of Stanley Lambchop after he is flattened by a falling bulletin board in his bedroom. The students made their own Flat Stanley and mailed it to family and friends along with a friendly letter asking them to send back photos of him visiting a wide variety of places. Their Stanley replicas traveled to such areas as Massachusetts, the Adirondacks in New York, Georgia, North and South Carolina, an Air Force Base in Florida, Texas, and even the Bahamas! The students then charted on a map where their Stanleys had visited and shared interesting facts about his travels. Their final activity was to turn themselves into Flat Stanley and make up an adventure of their own. The students had a wonderful display of letters, posters, and photos albums to share with their classmates. Shown with a few of their projects are, front from left: Josh Van Pelt, Emily Adamczyk, Charles Molecavage, and Mia Kane. Back: A J DellDonna, Ryan Martinelli, Molly Jameson, Caleb Keiser, and Hillary Hoda.