Wright Twp. Supervisor Candidate Stair Announces 8-Point Platform

Democratic candidate for Wright Township Supervisor Michael Stair is announcing his 8-point platform on which he is running.

Each point is separate unto itself but when taken together can improve the functioning of township government.

Point 1: Better Ways of Getting Things Done-A comprehensive written job description should be in place for each employee of the township. The purpose for this would be not only in the area of saving time, but also finding a safer way of performing a task.

Point 2: Economizing-This is related to Point 1, but focuses on purchasing from vendors. While long term working relationships between government and vendors can be desirable there have been documented instances of government over spending because of a general attenuation. A vigilant yet creative approach to purchasing is absolutely  vital in getting the most value from our tax dollars.

Point 3: More Efficient Record Keeping-Timely audits by a certified public accountant are most likely in effect, but township audits should be published in the newspapers.

Point 4: Transparency-While monthly township supervisors’ meetings are routinely covered by  the press, the township should also take on the responsibility of issuing its own press releases with as much public information as possible not only as a result of meetings, but as needed.

Point 5: More Public Transportation-Luzerne County does provide bus service in the Mountaintop area, but it is very sporadic. An efficient bus service would enable residents to park their cars at a central Mountaintop location and ride the bus to and from Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton at convenient hours of the day. Bus service could be subsidized not only by Luzerne County, but by Wright Township and the other  townships as well.

Point 6: A Wright Township or Mountaintop area television station that broadcasts local emergency news, weather etc. Such a station would operate on cable or alternatively as an internet web site. Vital information would be provided to residents during difficult times or a time of emergency.

Point 7: Expanded use of the skating rink-The rink has lots of potential, not only for public Winter skating and ice hockey, but roller hockey and street hockey as well from Spring to Fall. However, the name of the rink should be changed to the Wright Township All Purpose Rink. Outdoor concerts, plays, banquets and exhibitions could be held there.

Point 8: More Referendums-There may be issues that come before the supervisors which could have a dramatic impact on residents of the township. Residents should be able to vote on matters that have the potential of changing the landscape.

This concludes Democratic Candidate for Wright Township Supervisor Stair’s 8-point platform to improve the township government.