St. Jude’s Parish Offering Adult Education Series

A new adult educational series is being offered at St. Jude Church. This program is entitled Untold Blessings and is by Fr. Robert Barron, who was the presenter in the recent Catholicism and the Seven Deadly Sins series. Fr. Barron explains how our ultimate path to holiness is full of untold blessing. All parishioners are welcome to attend and help to better understand the joys of living out the faith.

There will be three sessions. The schedule for the first session is as follows: Finding the Center will be at St. Jude Church at 2 p. m. on April 14 and at 7 p. m. on April 15; and at St. Mary’s Church at 7 p. m. on April 16.

The second session Knowing You Are a Sinner will be at St. Jude Church at 2 p. m. on April 21 and 7 p. m. on April 22; and at St. Mary’s Church at 7 p. m. p. m. on April 23.

The third session Your Life Is Not About You will be at St. Jude Church at 2 p. m. on April 28 and 7 p. m. on April 29; and at St. Mary’s Church at 7 p. m. on April 30.

The Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be at the home of Kimberly, Joseph, Taylor, and Payton Bayley through April 13. For more information, call Gloria at 868-5346.

The following items are needed for the Mountaintop Food Bank: tuna, jelly, peanut butter, canned fruit, Jello, puddings, pork and beans, mustard, mayonnaise, macaroni and cheese, canned soups, dressings, coffee, tea, noodles, syrup, and popcorn. Please drop off donations in the annex of the church. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

The Social Action Committee is collecting Pack-N-Plays, baby swings, high chairs, bath tubs, gates, and clothes up to 2 years old for Pennsylvanians for Human Life. Anyone who would like to donate one is asked to contact the Parish Center ext. 250 and leave a message.

The Call to Action program at St. Jude’s is available to help parishioners who are shut-ins, who are ill, or who are caring for family members who are ill. If you can occasionally help a parishioner in need, please call the Parish Center to respond.

If any parishioner or a loved one is hospitalized or homebound and he/ she would like a pastoral visit from the clergy, please call 868-5855..

Parishioners are invited to choose moments for rest and calm in the Eucharistic Chapel and place a limit on the busyness and noise in their lives. They are invited to come and experience silence and be refreshed by committing to an hour of prayer on a weekly basis or at least an occasional time of peace. Anyone who is interested in making reservations for either an hour or to have occasional access to the Eucharistic Chapel is asked to call the Parish Center. Though the church is locked at night, the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is accessible 24/7. St. Jude Parish Center hours: Monday -9 a. m. until 7 p. m.; Tuesday –7:30 a. m. until 4 p. m.; Wednesday through Friday –9 a. m. until 4 p. m.

Weekday Masses at St. Jude’s are Monday through Friday at 7 a. m. and Wednesday at 12:10 p. m. Weekday Masses at St. Mary’s are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8 a. m. Saturday Vigil Masses are 4 p. m. at St. Jude’s and 5:30 p. m. at St. Mary’s. Sunday Masses are 7:30 a. m., 9 a. m., 10:30 a. m. and noon at St. Jude’s and 9 a. m. at St. Mary’s. For further information, call the Parish Center at 474-6315.