Ice Lakes

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The bid offering was advertised in

the Times Leader one time on March 22, 2013. The area to be addressed is adjacent to property owned by Dale and Regina Bortz, 414 Ice Harvest Drive. Access to the lake for the dredging project will be made through the Bortz property. The depth of the lake will be 2 ½ feet in the area after the dredging and restoration.

The Ice Lakes are ponds that were formed about 100 years ago, when dams were built to contain water so that the ice that formed in the winter could be harvested and sold before electric refrigeration was widely available.

The proposed project includes installing rock at the mouth of the tributary and creating a 200 linear foot vegetative buffer and installing a four-foot high fence to protect the plants from predation. In addition the bid specs call for stabilizing 500 feet of shoreline at the “Ice Lakes Park” with a 15 foot vegetative buffer and a four foot fence.

The grant will establish 10,500 square feet of vegetated buffer along 700 linear feet of shoreline, removal of 1500 cubic yards of accumulated sediment, management of Eurasion milfoil and purple loosestrife and stabilization of 500 linear feet of shoreline. The agreement is in effect for 20 years and includes conditions of the repair include maintaining the rock filter, removing accumulated sediment at least twice a year and after each large storm event. The same conditions apply to the vegetation planting, invasive plant control and follow-up monitoring of the dredging at least twice a year.

The grant was awarded July 31, 2012. The Pennsylvania Lake Management Society stated at that time that projects that could be completed before April 30, 2013 were preferred.

Rice has worked with Joseph Gallagher, Environmental Consultant at Ecological Solutions, Inc.,

Conyngham, Pennsylvania on previous Ice Lakes projects including aquatic plant control and fish stocking. Gallagher drew up the bid specs for the proposed dredging and restoration project. The bids were advertised one time in the Times Leader on March 22, 2013.