BAKING AND SCIENCE COMBINED IN ST. JUDE LAB-The consensus of the seventh grade students at St. Jude School who made Monkey Bread in science lab recently was that it was definitely one of the most fun. The students combined science and baking and, for a change, were able to eat the results of their lab work. The activity was done as a conclusion to a unit on fungus and yeast. The students were able to observe and learn about the characteristics of yeast and learned how, under the appropriate conditions, the yeast “bud” will grow. They also observed how yeast made these cinnamon biscuits rise, followed by the rolling and baking process. Students brought in assorted toppings such as fruit, cinnamon chips, vanilla icing, and chocolate chips for added flavor. Shown, front from left: Morghan Murphy and Molly McAndrew. Back: Jeffrey Siegfried, Maria Strish, and Lizzie Kolojejchick.