Rice Could Award $44,000 Restoration Bid For Ice Lakes

The Rice Township Board of supervisors could award a bid to remove 1500 yards of accumulated sediment from the southern end of the 40 plus acre Upper Ice Lakes at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday April 9, 2013.

The supervisors have never discussed an estimate for the work, but the grant application for the restoration states that the total cost will be a total of $44,000. A grant in the amount of $22,350 was awarded from the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society for the “Upper Ice Pond Restoration” project. The funding for the grant was provided by DEP Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection (Growing Greener) Grant. Rice Township’s matching contribution of $21,650 includes $17,650 in cash from Rice Township for Administration, Aquatic Plant Control, Swale Repair, and Site Management Services and $2,000 of “In-Kind” contribution listed at Volunteer Labor from the Friends of the Ice Ponds.

The Upper Ice Pond Restoration Project application filed in May 2012 stated there was a combination of poor management on the part of property owners, and the effects of excessive rainfall and flooding have deteriorated one of the primary swales that discharge into the small tributary. The sedimentation over a 3-acre area in the southern portion of the pond has created conditions where the water depth is in many places less than six inches, making that portion of the lake inaccessible to recreational boaters and fishermen. The growth of Spatterdok further restricts access to this portion of the

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