Nuangola Sewer Engineering Report Holding To On-Line Projection Date

Totaling over $9 million in materials and construction costs, the Nuangola sewer plan is steadily moving through the lake-side community and beyond.

According to reports presented at the Nuangola Council meeting on March 12th and the Sewer Authority meeting on March 25th, engineering firm Quad3 is holding to an on-line projection of mid-September.

Starting with the update offered by authority treasurer and council member Ted Vancosky, the three contracts in play were reviewed by council.

Vancosky said, “Contract #2 with Doli is at 28%. They came in like gang-busters.”

The scope of work for this contract starts at the Rice Township line on Church Road, goes past the elementary school to Stairville Road where the connector lines heads west to Blytheburn Road, turning south at this point to finally connect with the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority lines near Prospect Road. He said that the contractor expects progress to slow as the construction approaches more developed properties in Rice Township.

Vancosky then apprized Contract 1, the Wexcon contract, covering construction within the borough, “Wexcom has invoiced us $910,922.50. So out of a contracted amount of $4,464,275, they are at about 20%. “

He said that the third and final of the bid contracts, with Environment One supplier of grinder pumps, is at approximately 40% complete -with 177 units out of the total of 423 units ordered.

Turning to the news at the end of March, Quad3 Project Manager Dan Loughran advised the sewer authority that the progress in the borough is moving forward. He noted that directional drilling for laterals should soon restart thanks to warmer weather.

Construction along the connection route through Rice Township is proceeding, he said, “It seems that traffic is flowing well. There have not been any problems.

“We are addressing calls as they come in,” assured Loughran as to residents’ concerns. He added that by placing stakes in yards at the approximate position of the installation of the grinder pumps, they intend to be head off difficulty with residents. “We are installing the stakes to avoid conflict.” In explaining the installation of the grinder pumps to residents, he said, “I describe them as 10-foot garbage cans.”

See Report page 4