Barb Thoma’s Expertise In Gerontology Helps Local Elders And Their Families
ELDER CARE is a growing concern for aging residents and their families. Barb Thoma’s knowledge in Gerontology focuses on helping people live more fulfilling lives as they age.

“How can I help you?”

That is the question that Barb Thoma asks when she encounters a senior citizen and Barb has the skills and credentials to know how to make a difference.

With a Master’s Degree in Geriatric Care Management, Barb Thoma is out in front of a demographic flow. And in this discipline she is combining care solutions that she has spent 20 years developing through her nursing background.

“This is a new field in nursing and a new field in social work. In the study of Gerontology the emphasis is on this –we really want to focus on people living longer and we want to keep people sharper, and there are lots of ways to do that.”

One conversation with Barb confirms that she is a comfort and caregiver right down to her bones. She genuinely cares about people, especially seniors.

“What I really would like to do is to maintain the autonomy of a person so they can stay in their homes longer. And the tools that I use are, I go in and I assess the person physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially –and the environment in which they live. The purpose of this evaluation is to be sure that they are safe in their home. ”

Barb’s degree is cutting edge on Baby Boomer evaluation, and with the biggest population bubble in history facing the aging process, Barb Thoma’s skills are much needed. And Barb is here to help.

With her specialty in case management, Barb is providing services to seniors and their families by constructing a care plan based on the evaluation that is tailored to individual needs. Barb spends time with her clients and their caregivers and offers recommendations for real life solutions, “to help them to maintain their health and safety at home.

“In some cases I provide assistance with keeping track of medications and doctors’ appointments. Many people have family that live out of the area –their children are at a distance –they can call us in to help. Maybe the client needs a ramp built or a hand rail for safety, I have someone that can do that. If the client has a medical appointment, I call the family and report back as to the doctor’s orders. It’s a comfort for people who can’t be there themselves to know that they will get accurate reports about their parent’s health,” Barb explains.

This compassionate service has benefits on so many levels. It’s clear that Barb’s calm and knowledgeable demeanor would be reassuring to clients and families, and her experience and education give her the capability to advise families on

Senior Center

care options.

“I can help them to find out what

services are needed and I can help them find those services. If someone needs some help around the house, I can call in an aide to give a hand.”

Barb said that she would be happy to speak to groups about her practice and explain all of the services she can offer. “My mission is to educate people about senior care and support for care givers. I would be happy to do an initial evaluation for free.”

If you are interested in speaking with Barb about someone who needs her service, you can reach her at 570-706-5797.

Knowing Barb Thoma, she will be glad to help!