KID POWER PROGRAM PRESENTED AT ST. JUDE’S-A highly interactive musical show designed to help students focus on the value of good nutrition and exercise was presented to the student body of St. Jude School. The program entitled “Kid Power: Operation Lunch Line” used spectacular visual effects, including 3-D, to help the audience on a journey through the human body of a boy named Max. Max was not feeling well because he doesn’t eat well or exercise. The show included information on the process of enzymes, digestion, energy in calories, natural and processed foods, content labels, nutrients and protein, and consequences of under eating. The students were encouraged to develop the skills necessary to feel great and balance food and movement. Shown, front from left: Aubrey Ayre, Julianna Powis, Anthony Strish, and Jason O’Neill. Back: Stephen Glova, Jeffrey Siegfried, presenter Justin Bennex, Ethan Hoda, and Lauren Poharski.