RICE ELEMENTARY AWARDS CULTURAL ARTS PARTICIPANTS-The students of Rice Elementary who recently participated in the cultural arts contest were awarded for their talents on March 20th at the school. This year’s theme was “The Magic of a Moment”. Participants included Elisa Reluzco and Jean Bonn for Primary Visual Art. Brooke Weiss, Sydney Taney, Ricardo Reluzco, Emily Barley, Breena Kravchick, Sara Bonn, Joseph Glazenski, Nash Greene, and Gavin Kosko  for Intermediate Visual Art. Madison Weiss  for  Middle Visual Art. Natalie  Specht and Jean Bonn for Primary Photography. Johnny Olejnik, Breena Kravchick, Sara Bonn, Joseph Glazenski, Nash  Greene, Samantha Beers, and  Taylor Yeager  for Intermediate Photography. James Lanning for Middle Photography. Joseph Glazenski for Intermediate Music. Nash Greene, Emma Gomes, Isabela Reluzco, Brooke Weiss, and Taylor Yeager for Intermediate Literature. Madison Weiss for Middle Literature. Congratulations to all of our talented artists. Shown are Ricardo and Elisa Reluzco with their masterpieces.