Nuangola Sewer Authority Expands Pre-Pay Plan

Due to public response, the lake-side community is allowing additional residents to partake of a lay-away plan for sewer tap in fees.

In a discussion at the authority’s March 25th meeting, Treasurer Ted Vancosky –author of the payment plan –and President Ray Shirk agreed that provisions have to be made to accommodate the growing list of property owners looking for a pre-payment plan as opposed to the $2,025 lump sum due when the $9 million system goes on-line.

Having reported that the original order of pre-printed payment books -approximately 100 or so -are spoken for, Vancosky advised that there are at least another 12 people wanting to join the pre-play plan. “I know that this will cost more, but I think we have to do this.”

Secretary Sally DiRico asked for some analysis on the cost of offering this payment plan. “I don’t know if having more books printed up and more cost to us is cost efficient.”

She added that the minute interest being earned will not offset more expense. “I’m not trying to cut anyone off,” DiRico explained, “but I do want a clear accounting.”

Shirk noted that the first pre-pay checks have arrived. He reminded that the authority agreed to stop the sign-up effective April 1st. “You think we need 25 more books?” he asked Vancosky.

“I hate to say no to anyone,” Vancosky added, “The citizens are paying for their sewer system and

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