CRESTWOOD STUDENTS EXCEL AT PJAS-Students from Crestwood High School and Middle School presented Science and Math projects at the PJAS regional meeting held at King’s College on Sat, Mar 2, 2013. Twenty-six out of 41 students earned First Awards and will attend the state meeting in May at Penn State, Main Campus. Several students also earned special awards. Grace Hao received a medical fellowship to Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton. Jason Cornelius won the Senior High Excellence Award in Math. Preston Israel won the Junior High Excellence Award in Math. And Richard Supkowski won the Junior High Excellence Award in Earth and Space Science. Cornelius, Israel, Supkowski, along with Lexie Jones also earn perfect scores. Shown, front from left: Danielle Gendler, Joanne Monfiletto, Paige Allen, Emily Phillips, Carina D’Souza, Grace Hao, and Ashley Miscavage. Row two: Alice Novatnak, Alexandra Ayers, McKenna Mera, Lauren Anderson, Emily Lehman, Tara Full, Olivia Termini, and Allison Kachel. Row three: Rachel Rinehimer, Mackenzie Drago, Jillian Penney, Alexandra Jones, Danielle Metzger, Brittany Ayers, Rebecca Neteler, and Pooja Patel. Row four: Richard Supkowski, Michael Paranich, Preston Israel, Ryan Toporcer, Schin Patel, Shiv Patel, and Prit Patel. Row five: John Filipczyk, Alexander Orrson, Curtis Tokach, Zachary Metzger, and Robert Shovlin. Back: Ali Khan, Abhay Metgud, Hari Patel, Raj Patel, Jason Cornelius, and Nil Patel,