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Nuangola Sewer Authority Approves Construction Payments, Hears Concerns Of Residents

In the first of two monthly meetings, the Nuangola Borough Sewer Authority lead by Ray Shirk authorized the release of almost $500,000 consisting of Payment Request #5 from Wexcon in the amount of $256,464.22 for in-borough construction and Invoice #2 from Environment One of $236,401.20 for grinder pumps.

Project Engineer Dan Loughran told the March 11 assembly that the second leg of the $9 million project, which is under the control of Doli Construction, has moved south along Church Road, and west onto Stairville Road in the vicinity of the Rice Elementary School.

Quad3 colleague Rich Kresge reported that, at the request of the authority, he has prepared a draft of a guide to retiring on-lot systems once the new hook-ups are complete.

Kresge said he spoke with Darryl Fritz of DEP and he said he does not know of any requirements to removing the tanks from the property, but that there are a number of reasons why it’s preferable to remove the tanks as opposed to emptying, filling and leaving them on site.

He said that the state official indicated that there are “safety and liability issues,” relating to the “abandonment” of these tanks considering the waste products and also the degradation of older metal tanks should be accommodated.

NBSA Treasurer and Council member Ted Vancosky, said that he believed that decision to be Council’s responsibility.

Council President John Kochan replied from the floor that adding additional financial burdens to the taxpayers of the small community is a serious concern for him.

Shirk advised Kresge that he forwarded the draft to Kochan and Council Vice President Joseph Tucker for their review. Kochan stated, “I sent you back an answer: there are about three or four different ways to look at it. I think I just heard that there is no state requirement to remove them.”

Kochan said that the issue can be discussed, but his opinion is that if  all septic tanks have to be removed, Council members “have to look at the least costly way to do this for the individual.”

Shirk responded that he did not expect resolution at this session, only to get this issue under discuss after two years and having done that he moved on.

Treasurer Vancosky informed that more residents have come forward to participate in the program’s incremental prepay program. This allows people to make monthly payments to the NBSA in advance of the online date for hook up. The amount of the tap in fee is $2,025. Shirk said that the latest tally is 105, which is above the original estimates for sign ups.

Public comment brought some news from two Vandermark Avenue property owners; one objected to the site of an installed grinder pump and another reported that his property and three of his neighbors had been skipped completely. The engineers were asked to review the issues and advise.