Misericordia University Math And Computer Science Club Celebrates Pi Day
PI DAY FOR MATH CLUB-Misericordia University mathematics professor Steven Tedford, Ph. D., has plenty of cleaning up to do after he takes a pie to the face during a Pi Day fundraiser hosted by the Mathematics and Computer Science Club on campus on March 14.

The whipped cream was flying as the Misericordia University Math and Computer Science Club gave students the chance to throw pies at math professors and students to celebrate Pi Day on March 14.

Celebrations around the world each year recognize Pi, the Greek letter “p,” as the symbol in mathematics that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter an infinite number that is approximately 3.14159 and has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits. Proceeds from the event will fund club activities. Volunteers who took part in the decidedly messy event included Misericordia University faculty members Steven Tedford, Ph. D., and Jerry Bradford, Ph. D., associate professors of mathematics, and math majors Melvin Busi, Saylorsburg, Pa., and Angela Menditto, Bushkill, Pa., who has a double major in philosophy and is president of the Mathematics and Computer Science Club.

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