Wilkes Professor Publishes Spanish Text Book
Dr. Paola Bianco Sobejano

Paola Bianco Sobejano, Ph. D.,associate professor of foreign languages at Wilkes University, has published Conversando con literatura. Intended for advanced university Spanish language students, Conversando con literatura includes poetry, short stories and songs from a vast selection of Hispanic writers. The book is published by Panda Publications, a Wilkes-Barre, based publishing company founded and run by university professors.

Conversando con literatura includes literary texts as a primary point of departure for conversation in Spanish. These texts lend themselves well to discussions of a wide range of topics and universal themes. Students will move from a personal awareness towards a more holistic understanding of Hispanic cultural experiences.

Bianco Sobejano, a former Mountaintop resident, completed the book during her recent sabbatical. She previously authored several books of Italian and Hispanic literature, including Tra ermetismo e realism sociale: la posesia dei Salvatore Quasimodo; Prisma: Análisis crítico de textos en español; Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana; and Introducción a la literatura española. Bianco Sobejano has also edited the preface, notes and explanations of three Spanish plays.

Bianco Sobejano earned a bachelor’s degree in French from Wilkes University and a master’s degree in Italian and French from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She earned her doctorate in Romance Languages, specializing in Italian and Spanish, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bianco Sobejano lives in Lafin, with her husband Antonio Sobejano and her children Isabella and Claudio.