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bills to residents, a contractual obligation regulated by ordinance and a source of revenue amounting to $62,000. He said, “I am getting calls daily from residents wondering where the bills are.”

Secondly, he identified a reimbursement offered by the sewer authority for the estimated $67,000 cost of preparing the sewer mandating Act 537 Plan. Pekar said that this task is the exclusive responsibility of council, but the sewer authority “graciously extended the offer to cover this cost.”

And in his third example, Pekar reported that “another $40,000 or so is available from DEP. Now you are talking $160 to $170,000 –that is the yearly operating budget that this council is responsible for. So I would like to see better representation for all people in the borough –not just certain special interests.”

Council did approve the printing of the garbage fees through Municipal Marketing Services, however, the ordinance governing the refuse costs must be amended to reflect a new rebate period to accommodate the later billing date.

As presented by Tucker, the close-out report for the Office of Community Development grant for the Willow Grove project represents final costs totaling a little over $15,300 to be paid to the contractor and engineer. Tucker said the funds have been received so the final checks may be released.