ST. JUDE’S CELEBRATES 100TH DAY-The PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes at St. Jude School celebrated the 100th day of school with a variety of special activities. The students began the day’s events together in the gym enjoying a few games and exercises and then were mixed together into three groups. The groups rotated among three homerooms, participating in activities including building with four different kinds of blocks in groups of 100, making a colorful mosaic of the number 100, and using a color key to decorate their name on a 100 grid. The students also brought in a collection of 100 items for a display, and wore crowns and stickers to mark the occasion. Shown in the shape of 100: #1, from left: Brennan Verba, Nathan Wisniewski, Ellis Tammarine, Rishi Patel, Mason Barley, Brady Johnson, Megan Kull, Allen Seifert, David Kopinski, Anson Jumper, Cayden Sartori, and Charlie Modrovsky. First “0” counterclockwise from center front –Jack Rodgers, Addison Robbins, Hayden Martinchek, Kyra Chepolis, Matthew Mascarenhas, Trey Mouledoux, Jacob Kopko, Shannon Jameson, Lukas Phillips, Cady Erwine, Allison Van Pelt, JJ Stec, Alexis Panzik, and Patrick Smith. Second “0” –Hannah Chertow, Ella Novelli, Melody Josefowicz, Lauren Hayden, Sophia Andahazy, Shreema Rupareliya, Hayden Fleegle, Anna Ostaltsov, Carson Carlo, Grace Tedford, Audrey Shebelock, Avery Cloutier, Virginia Franks, Tommy Dugan, and Saish Kawli.