Stair Announces Candidacy For Wright Twp. Supervisor

Michel Stair is tossing his hat in the ring and announcing his candidacy as a Democrat for the office of Wright Township Supervisor.

“As others of my generation have said when announcing their candidacy in the upcoming primary election, I will also say that I am not running against anyone, but running for an office,” states Stair.

During the time leading up to the May 21st primary, Stair plans to meet and speak as much as possible with Wright Township voters as he listens to their views and explains my reasons for running.

“I believe I can make a meaningful contribution to the office of supervisor,” relates Stair. Stair notes he is a college graduate with an extensive background in entertainment and the performing arts. He points out these areas require creative thought as well as discipline, and he intends to transplant those attributes by applying them to the multifaceted tasks of township government. He also has experience in the analysis and interpretation of financial statements submitted by major corporations to the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington DC. For the past year he has been chairman of the Wright Township Board of Recreation. This experience has given him an opportunity to observe township government and discuss issues with residents and township officials,

“I will be a steadfast advocate for controlling costs in government in the same way that we all budget our own costs while shopping at the supermarket, putting fuel in our cars, or heating our homes. This means economizing wherever possible by originating better and cheaper ways of getting things done,” says Stair.

Along with fiscal responsibility, Stair states he will be a guardian of our natural resources by protecting the environment.

“Wright Township has many areas of history and folklore. Yet existing along side is an exuberant progressivism that cannot be denied its place. I intend to ensure a tactful balance between the two. I will uphold and champion tradition when required and change when needed. I eagerly look forward to serving the citizens of Wright Township,” concludes Stair.