Button Propane Tank Variance Approved
Button Propane Tank Variance Approved

Edward and Sandy Button received a favorable vote from the Dorrance Township Zoning Hearing Board on Thursday, March 7th.

The Variance was requested after the Blue Ridge Plaza Truck Stop owners installed a propane gas tank on their B-2 zoned land at a distance not sufficiently far from the adjacent property.

In an application form submitted to Dorrance on September 13, 2012, it was asserted, “The Buttons request this variance at the direction of the Planning Commission as issued at the Commission meeting of July 30, 2012.”

The application stated, “The Buttons request a variance of Section 714 of the zoning regulations.”

At the March meeting, Atty. Thomas Mosca advised, “There was a previous hearing on November 14, 2012. Present at that meeting were board members, Bernie Wasiakowski and Mary Petros. Those are the two board members here tonight and they will make the decision in this matter.”

Atty. Jack Dean represented the applicants and Township Solicitor James Schneider was representing Dorrance.

Without objection, Atty. Mosca entered the applicant’s letter granting a waiver of the 45 day decision requirement and also an Affidavit of posting.

Having addressed those matters,

the board recessed into executive session to deliberate the variance request.

When the board reconvened, Atty. Mosca brought the proceedings back onto the record.

Chairman Wasiakowski made the motion that “a variance for the

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