Fundraising, Planning Efforts Underway For Crestwood H. S. Senior Lock In

A team of dedicated parents have been working nonstop to ensure that this year’s Crestwood graduates have one last night together that they’ll never forget. The Crestwood Senior Lock In, a night where friendships are celebrated and unique entertainment is provided, is set for graduation night, June 10, and fundraising and planning efforts are still going strong for the annual and fabled event.

The Crestwood Senior Lock In is similar to events done all over the country on graduation nights. It was created here several years ago, as a way to make sure the new graduates are celebrating responsibly.

Dawn Bobeck is president of the Crestwood Secondary Campus PTA and a volunteer on the Lock In Committee, which is headed by Debbie Macko. The event is especially meaningful to Bobeck this year as her youngest daughter, Kate, is graduating. The goal of parents involved is to give their children a legendary night while keeping them safe.

“Nights like prom and graduation can be dangerous for teenagers,” related Bobeck. “They’re excited and they want to celebrate.” The Lock In not only creates a safe environment, it also provides top-notch entertainment, a final hurrah for the entire class.

While the graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 10, at 2 p. m., the Lock In starts at 10:30 p. m., giving the graduates enough time to have celebration dinners with their families first. Completely supervised by parent volunteers the entire night, car keys are collected and those in attendance are literally locked in the school until 6 a. m.

“The Lock In has a great reputation among the students,” said Bobeck, who noted that they look forward to the event throughout their high-school careers. “It’ll be the last night with all their friends.”

The entertainment for this year’s “Carnival” theme includes festive food, bouncy houses, magicians, fortune tellers, and a casino. Prizes, like mini refrigerators geared toward college-or apartment-bound young people, are raffled and each graduate attending is also given a gift.

The entertainment and prizes are what attracts the students to the event, Bobeck noted. The level of amusement provided is what gives the event such a great reputation. Most years, about 90 percent of the graduating class attends. “That’s wonderful,” she said. “That’s what we want. We want everyone to attend.”

With a class of more than 220 students, this year’s event is budgeted for that 90-percent level of participation and volunteers have been diligently working all year to reach a goal of raising $30,000. “We’re not quite there yet. We’re planning more fundraisers,” Bobeck said. “It’s a big effort.”

From the beginning of the school year, a small but dedicated group of senior parents have been meeting once a month and planning the event and its fundraisers, which have included candy sales, a designer purse bingo, sportswear sales, and collection tins placed at local businesses.

“A dedicated group of moms and dads have been working hard to give the kids a really good experience,” added Bobeck. “Crestwood is a tight-knit community. It’s a big undertaking and it’s worth it to keep the kids safe.”

The next fundraiser for the Crestwood Senior Lock In will be a Student Car Wash, held on Saturday, May 19, at the Crestwood Secondary Campus.

Anyone wishing to send in a monetary donation or a raffle prize for the event can send the items to the Crestwood High School, with the label “Crestwood Secondary PTA Senior Lock In.”

Any Crestwood parents wishing to volunteer or get involved with the Lock In planning can visit the event’s Facebook Page at “Crestwood High School Senior Lock In.”