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prepare testimonies. The next hearing on the matter will now be on Thursday, May 31, at 6 p. m.

Also, on April 9, the Wright Township Board of Supervisors met and heard from Supervisor Donald Zampetti that there is a vacancy on the township’s environmental advisory council and those interested can contact the municipal building.

For maintenance at the township park, Bob Patrick was hired to work 30 hours a week, and be paid $11 an hour, and Bill Evans was hired as his assistant, to work 28 hours a week, at $9 an hour.

The parks and recreation committee announced that $14,481 has been raised so far for the dog park, with over $4,000 from a grant and over $4,000 from a recent designer-purse bingo. Abe’s Hot Dogs will donate 10 percent of its profits to the dog-park fund on July 3 and will hold a hot-dog eating contest in the park that day.

Several complaints pertaining to last month’s Easter egg hunt, that Fairview and Wright townships run together, were received and noted, and the townships will try to do better next year, Supervisor Matthew Howton said. He added that the parks and rec committee also discussed capital projects last month, including the need for renovations in the park’s bathroom building and on the playground equipment.

The Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department responded to 28 incidents in March, reported Supervisor Michael Marshall, including several fire alarms, several motor-vehicle accidents with entrapment, and several structural fires.

The fire department continues to provide training events every Monday and every other Wednesday for its members. Several mutual-aid training events were conducted in March and a course for utilizing ropes was held on April 8. Hazardous-materials training and refresher courses were also provided and a CPR/AED and first-aid course are planned for April.

The Wright Township Police Department answered 301 calls in March, reported Supervisor Colleen Macko, including six narcotics charges, three disorderly conduct charges, three counts of harassment, two counts of fraud, and two assaults. Police issued 32 traffic citations last month, three non-traffic citations, five warnings, and six parking tickets.

Township Police also responded to 15 motor-vehicle accidents and officers attended several training courses, Macko added. The fire police worked 38 hours and assisted Rice and Fairview townships, as well as Dorrance, Dennison, Slocum, and Hobby.

The public works department received and corrected one complaint last month, Marshall stated, and, for the entire winter, worked 231 hours on weather-related road maintenance. Last month crews also patched potholes on township roads, removed fallen trees, and repaired and inspected multiple township vehicles.

The annual spring clean-up week, for Wright Township residents only, will be held May 7 to 12. Arrangements can be made for the pickup of large items and there will be a $10 fee for pickup, plus $5 for each large item. Pickups will be scheduled for May 7 and 8; arrangements can be made by calling the township building.

Dumpsters will then be available behind the municipal building to deposit items on May 9, from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m.; on May 10 and 11, from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m.; and on May 12, from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. No electronics, construction materials, paint cans, automotive parts, propane tanks or hazardous materials will be accepted. Permits are required to deposit items in the dumpsters.

For the spring cleanup, Estelle Enterprises, the only bidder, was awarded the job of removing the trash at a cost of $495 per dumpster. Abe Solomon will provide dumpsters for scrap metal and haul those away at no cost.

Last month the zoning department issued permits for a new-home construction, a commercial accessory structure, a new driveway, and a new building, Zampetti reported. A stopwork permit was also issued for a new-home construction and one notice of violation was issued.

It was also announced that Local Government Day will be held on April 19 and third graders from Fairview, Rice, and St. Jude’s elementary schools will visit the various departments of the Wright Township municipal building to learn about how the township is run.