Women’s Self-Defense Class Held At Kirby Library
DEFEATING ATTACKS FROM BEHIND-Sensei Mark Bohn teaching Nancy Gallagher to use an arm bar technique to subdue a larger attacker. Sensei Bohn is a second degree black belt in Aiki-Jitsu.

On Saturday, April 7th, Mountaintop Martial Arts Dojo held a free women’s self-defense class at the Kirby Library. The class was attended by 18 women of all ages from the area. The 2-hour class emphasized the techniques of Aiki-Jitsu, using surprise and leverage to defeat an attacker. Five instructors from the Dojo taught the women how to perform the basic wrist, elbow and shoulder locks they would need to defend themselves from common street attacks.

Sensei Mark Bohn notes, “Only a few years ago, half these women would have said ‘we live in a safe area, do we need to know these things?” No one says that now, a fact that is sad but true.

Master Instructor Scott Kaminski emphasized that awareness of your surroundings is vital. He has worked as a prison guard for over 20 years and states, “Attacks can come fast and strong! The bad guy wants to take you by surprise. You may only have a split-second, but that is still enough time to react and defend yourself!”

Nancy Gallagher was impressed by what she learned. “I was surprised by how easy some of these moves can be! I’m not that big, but I could drop a grown man to his knees!”

Mountaintop Martial Arts believes that training for real-world situations is critical. “On the street, there are no rules, no referees to step in. Attacks can range from someone grabbing your sleeve to grabbing your throat. One is annoying, the other can be lethal. You must plan ahead, and always expect the unexpected!”