Crestwood Discusses Student Programs

Programs at Crestwood for the youngest and the oldest students were discussed at the Jan. 18 school board meeting.

A new pre-kindergarten program, for three-to five-year-olds, opened at Rice Elementary on Jan. 8 and has been doing well. Also successful is the Early College initiative for juniors and seniors, which has not only earned them college credits while in high school, but also prepares them for higher learning and can help them find their future career paths.

Joseph Delluso, principal of Rice Elementary, spoke first about the new pre-kindergarten program that has just begun at the school. “From what I’ve observed and heard from the rest of the staff, everything is going very smoothly,” he said.

Open to children ages three to five, the program, funded by grant money, has 18 students enrolled this year and statistics show that, next year, as many as 250 students could be eligible for the program, run through the Luzerne Intermediate Unit.

The students, Delluso related, “will receive instruction to prepare them for kindergarten and they’ll also become acclimated to the elementary school as a whole. They’ll have a basic understanding of the routine and the schedule, so when kindergarten comes, they can hit the ground running.”

Delluso thanked Superintendent Joseph Gorham and others for helping in the creation of the program and also expressed gratitude to the teachers and staff who have made the children feel welcome at Rice. He