Whisker’s World Living Mission To Help Lost / Feral Felines
WHISKER’S WORLD has been making a difference in the lives of lost, abandoned, and feral cats. Whisker’s World co-founder Donna Founctain is shown with one their many rescues.

“Change A Pet’s Life” Day, a day set aside to encourage shelter pet adoption, raise awareness of the many challenges facing animal shelters, and recognize the volunteers and rescue workers who make a difference in the lives of abandoned or abused animals, is observed January 24.

Here on the mountain and surrounding areas, Donna Fountain and Brenda Buckler are living that mission, helping animals for the past decade via Whisker’s World; an all-volunteer organization of animal loving friends who have cared for well over 1,000 cats.

Donna and Brenda both started out trapping feral cats in their neighborhoods to have them spayed/ neutered through the Eastern PA Animal Alliance, a low cost spay and neuter clinic in several locations around the region. The two women met on one of their trips to EPAA, got to talking, found they had a lot in common, and decided to join forces. Whisker’s World was born.

Whisker’s World specializes in trapping cats, whether they are lost pets that find themselves away from their owners, or feral cats in urban or suburban colonies. The volunteers trap, neuter & return feral cats to their colonies, continuing to provide them with food, shelter and necessary veterinary care. The volunteers attempt to rehabilitate & home any cats that are adoptable, or cannot be returned to their colony. According to Fountain, abandoned and abused animals have become an epidemic in our area, and the need vastly outweighs the capabilities of volunteers.

“People are closing their eyes to a 20 year epidemic of animals being dumped along roads and behind shopping centers,” explains Donna. “I wish local municipalities would