Wright Township Ice Rink May Go Unused This Winter

With temperatures finally cold enough for Wright Township’s ice-skating rink to sustain ice, supervisors stated the rink still may go unused this winter. This news came at the Board of Supervisors’ Jan. 8 meeting, in response to a resident’s question, “Are we ever going to have ice in that skating rink?”

For two years, the skating rink, at the township’s municipal park, has been unused because, supervisors have said, it wasn’t cold enough for long enough time periods to maintain ice there. At the January meeting, resident and former supervisor Candance Smith asked the board why the rink isn’t used now, since it has been consistently cold. A problem exists with the rink,

Supervisor Matthew Howton replied, as it has been constructed improperly and it leaks. Township employees have tried to fix the problem, pouring gallons upon gallons of water into the rink, sometimes in the middle of the night, he said, but it still leaks.

“That’s a waste out there,” Smith said of the rink, adding that the board should bring in an outside party to fix it. Supervisor Collen Macko agreed that having the rink sit unused is “a waste,” but said outside contractors have tried and failed to fix it. With Smith’s urge to try again, Howton responded that he will take that under advisement.